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Time To ‘Get A Life’? What’s Holding You Back?

Time to ‘get a life’? What’s holding you back?

Owning a café, restaurant or bar doesn’t have to mean you can’t have a life. And in fact, your business is probably going to be better off in the long-term if you commit to spending less time working in your business, and more time working on it. If you think your business won’t run without you there on a busy Saturday or Sunday night, think again. Perhaps it’s not you that’s needed, but some better systems? Yes, it’s hard to let go, but once you promote yourself from employee to entrepreneur, you’ll not only ‘get a life’, but build a more profitable future for your business. So, how do you make the move (and reclaim your life in the process)?  


Ditch the old.

There’s some amazing new technology available for a fraction of the price you probably paid ten years ago. And it’s smarter and better. You no longer need to be at your café to keep an eye on sales, any potential security issues, and more. Just go online. And if you need to reach out, use Facetime.

Today, most POS and surveillance systems are cloud-hosted and readily accessible, in real-time,  through easy-to-use apps. If there’s a problem, you can get automated alerts and updates, so you can check what’s happening via your iPad or smartphone and decide if you need to front up to deal with an issue, or if it’s under control.

Using high-tech remote-control technology is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse without needed to be at your venue every hour its open.

Sort out your systems.

The old ways aren’t always the best ways. And inefficient, labour intensive systems don’t appeal to high-performing staff.

The better run your business is, the easier it is to attract the staff you want.

By systemising your everyday operations to run smoothly, effortlessly and efficiently, your staff can focus on what they do best. And when you set up all the rosters, managerial checklists, and order forms you need on smart devices (think iPads or tablets) you can say goodbye to paper and slash the opportunity for making errors. With your data stored safely in the cloud, you have anytime access to the latest updates. So even while you’re sitting watching the surf and sipping a cold drink, you can check in to make sure everything’s under control and has been done to your expectations. Yes, it’s micromanaging, but from a distance!


We know it can be hard to let go. But in the cold light of day, why are you hanging on to the tasks that chew up your valuable time without realising a return on investment? You’re never going to make more money by doing all your own bookkeeping and admin; you’re only going to work more hours.

Consider getting in a part-timer to help, or even find a great virtual assistant. Most of the accounting and operational software you need to run a modern café, bar or restaurant is now available as an online solution, so a virtual assistant (or a flexi-time worker) can work for you from anywhere. If you consider outsourcing from further afield, they can even do what’s expected while you sleep.

Find the right team.

Weekends are always the biggest challenge in this industry. However, once you’ve implemented better systems, installed remote-control technology and outsourced the admin tasks, you are ready to take the next step.

Find people who want to work weekends because it suits their availability and attitude. OK, you need to have a healthy business to run a dedicated ‘weekend team’. But once you’ve set up your business to run with a less ‘hands-on’ approach from you, then you’ve laid all the groundwork needed.

And you can focus on family, friends, and business growth. And life.

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